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1980 Honda CB750 Custom Exclusive


I bought my 1980 Honda CB 750 Custom Exclusive on 13/03/2002. I had taken my son to a motorcycle shop to buy a bike and saw this one. I sat on it and immediately fell in love with it. I used it for a year or so doing nothing to it but replacing a fork seal and two tyres. From 2004 to 2005 this page was an advert, advertising it for sale. I didn't really want to part with it but I wanted to buy another, new bike. My problem is that I cannot really store more than one bike at the moment. In early 2005 someone came down to look at it and made me an offer. He was not prepared to pay the full amount I was asking. At this point I realised that I could not part with it anyway and resigned myself to owning it forever. I decided to renovate it instead. In 2014 I finally received permission to buy a brand new motorcyle, an offer I could not refuse, so I put an advert on Gumtree for a few days. Again, not really wanting to part with it but not really having a good place to store it, I was selling reluctantly. Fortunately, my son volunteered to take on stewardship. This not only keeps it in the family but still allows me to ride it without having to look after it. Perfect!

From what I can gather, there were only 1200 of these built. I gleaned this info from a web page, so I can't be sure it's true. If you know the real facts, please let me know. The Exclusive was built in 1980 only. Mine was imported into the UK in 1995 I was told when I bought this machine that it was a US import. However, I have since been told that the engine and frame were never in the US. Looking at the bike and thinking about it, it seems to me that it was imported from Japan as there are stickers on the bike here and there all in Japanese. The speedo is also in KPH.

It is one of the few bikes I have had that folks come up to me in the street and comment on how good it looks. Well, I think looks good too although I am sure it shone a lot better in 1980

29/09/2005 I went out for a 50 mile ride. Got back home and hopped off, stood back to admire my bike before putting it away and DISASTER! The left side panel was missing. It had dropped off somewhere on my ride. With very little outward sign of panic ( I hope), I hopped straight back on my bike and used the GPS ( Garmin Vista C Velcroed to the tank ) to retrace my steps. I did not think for a minute that I would find the panel but thought that if I did not try to find it, I would always regret not having a go. I decided to retrace the route backwards. I rode for 40 miles with my eye on the right hand kerb, looking for a small grey bit of plastic in the grass or smashed all over the road. Eventually I spotted it on the Beverley bypass, laid neatly in the gap between the kerb and white line, completely undamaged. I could not believe my good luck. I think I will nail it on in future.... I reckon half a tank of petrol was certainly cheaper than trying to buy a replacement

24/04/2009 Well it happened again didn't it!! Click here to read about the side panel disaster

Here is some info I found on a Japanese website. It was translated by Google. I have not corrected the English!

A concession to the American taste was done in 1979, with the 750 CB Custom Exclusive. The limited edition brought handlebar raised, bank with two well distinct levels in brown tone, new back mudguard chromed and Comstar wheels with deep black color. In 1981 custom was launched a normal version of style line : 750 CB C, baptized in U.S.A. of Nighthawk, or nocturnal eagle. This would be only CB 750 in the world after the substitution of the esportiva 750 F, in 1983, for 750 CBX F.

HONDA custom. 1200 unit it was limited was marketed the series as biggest. Next year considerably the big trunk, the side back and the front bumper with standard equipment, Similarly 1200 unit it was limited was marketed. Paint and the buff applying where time caught with feature, at plating frequent use of the section going JAS engendered atmosphere. The heart raises concave fast torque with the same DOHC 4 cylinder 68PS as the CB750F / the 9000rpm. If it deposits the body to the steering wheel and the low seat which, curves largely sound of direct 4 X and others does and runs it is highest. It is V however type 2 cylinder zenith, also the American of 4 cylinders is pleasant, is. When somewhere, you happen to see, please use voice. The person who would like to know details the mail.

Jobs Done

Various Part Numbers, sizes and types




Click on the thumbnail pictures for larger photographs

The top photo shows my youngest, Peter. On my other photos pages he is the tiny one sitting on the tank of another Honda


A couple taken in my driveway. 11/May/2005

Taken on the front at Paull. You can see the Humber Bridge in the background. 11/May/2005

Hedon Church St. Augustines in the background

Me, taken by Gill on 21/May/2005

21/June/2005. New Mainstand

Moving on

I passed the bike on to my sons in 2014. The continuing story can be found here.

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